Pin the Spider on the Web is the perfect printable game for your class or home Halloween Party!

Two ways to enjoy the game (both print files are included):
1. Print the 18.5 x 11in version from your home printer or local print shop. *
2. Print the 16 x 20in poster version from your local printer. *

*Printable spiders can be printed at home or at your local print shop. They will need to be cut out prior to playing the game. They are included in the PDF file.
You can also purchase plastic spiders from the store to use as markers instead. (pictured, but not included)

Game Instructions
Prep: Hang the poster on the wall. Add a piece of tape to the back of eachcut out spider.
Play: Standing a few feet in front of the poster, the first player is then blindfolded and gently spun around a few times. They are then handed a spider with tape or reusable wall putty on the back and asked to stick it to the poster without removing their blindfold. Remove blindfold and repeat the process with each player. The spider who was placed closest to the center of the web wins!
(Please note: Blindfold not included!)

PLEASE NOTE: This is a listing for a digital file that will allow you to print at home or take the file with you to a local print shop. You are buying the personal use of this design, not the design itself and all copyrights remain with us. No permission is given to use this design commercially. It is acceptable for use in your homes, offices and school classrooms.


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